Linear Tech Philips Unitrode Ic

Linear Tech Philips Unitrode Ic

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Product Description

Linear Tech Philips Unitrode Ic 


  • AD5533ABC1, DIM800DCS12A, MAX190ACNG, SI9942, 2N930, DIM800DCS17A, MAX190ACWG, SI9942DYTE2, 2N962AD5533ABCZ1, DIM800DDM12A, MAX190AENG, SI9944, 2N964AD5533BBC1, DIM800DDM12E, MAX190AEWG, SI9945, 2N984AD5533BBCZ1, DIM800DDM17, MAX190AMRG, SI9945AB, 2N987AD5535ABC, DIM800DDM17A, MAX190BC, SI9945AE, 2NA134EAD5535ABCZ, DIM800DDM17E, MAX190BCNG, SI9945DY, 2NBI75N120AD5539JN, DIM800DDS12A, MAX190BCWG, SI9945FDS9945, 2NC3H0122AD554, DIM800DDS17A, MAX190BENG, SI9947DYT1, 2NO24DAD5541AR, DIM800ECM33F, MAX190BEWG, SI9950, 2NREF025, DIM800FSM12A, MAX190BMRG, SI9950DY, 2NREF040AD5541ARZ, DIM800FSM17A, MAX190EVKIT, SI9952, 2NREF050, DIM800JSM33A, MAX1916EZT, SI9953, 2NREF062AD5541BR, DIM800NSM33, MAX191ACNG, SI9955, 2NU72AD5541BRZ, DIM800NSM33F, MAX191ACWG, Si9955DY, 2NV72MHZAD5541CR, DIM900ESM45F, MAX191AENG, SI9955DY, 2NX810AD5541CRZ, Dimapur, MAX191AEWG, Si9955DY, 2P4MAD5541JR, DIN41612, MAX191AMRG, SI9955DY, 2P710AS, Dindigul, MAX191BC, SI9956, 2PA1015YAD5541JRZ, DIODE, BAT42, MAX191BCNG, Si9956DY, 2PC1815BL, diodeLEDdu, MAX191BCWG, SI9958DY, 2PD601ARAD5541LR, DIOLC20U, MAX191BENG, SI9976DY, 2R100G160X2PX3, DIOLC20V, MAX191BEWG, SI9978DW, 2R12AAD5541LRZ, DIRSB124A, MAX191BMRG, Si9986CY, 2R160160K, DIS1417, MAX191CNG, SID3109, 2R5TPF680MAD5542AR, DISPLAY, MAX191EVKIT, SID3112, 2R60E080X3, Display7segment, MAX191EVSYS, SID3117, 2R6D15A050AJVAD5542ARZ, DIV100HP, MAX1926ETC, SID3118, 2R6D20A050AJV, DIVC101, MAX192ACAP, SID3119, 2R75BAD5542BR, DJ180BP, MAX192ACPP, SID605, 2RI100A080, DJ80A300L480F10, MAX192ACWP, SIDCO, 2RI100E060AD5542BRZ, DJLXT971ALE, MAX192AEAP, SIE0106, 2RI100E080, DK140566, MAX192AEPP, SIE20031, 2RI100E080X3AD5542CR, DK1A12V, MAX192AEWP, SIE20034, 2RI100E160AD5542CRZ, DK1A1B24V, MAX192BCAP, Sie20034, 2RI100E80AD5542JR, DK352H, MAX192BCPP, SIE20034, 2RI100G120, DK437A, MAX192BCWP, SIE5025LT, 2RI100G160AD5542JRZ 

Technical Specification

Input Operating Range

2.7 V to 20 V

Input Protective Shunt

Up to 25 mA Pull-Down at VIN > 20 V

Input Quiescent Current

950 nA

Input Quiescent Current in UVLO

450 nA

Output Current

Up to 100 mA

Selectable Output Voltages

1.8 V, 2.5 V, 3.3 V, 3.6 V


Memory,Micro Controller,Processor


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